I am absolutely thrilled to announce that the portfolio I submitted for the RHS Photography Competition 2021 has been shortlisted.  The photos in the portfolio are displayed here on this page.

It will be exhibited, hopefully, at an RHS show sometime during 2021, where it will be judged by a panel and if they consider it good enough, it may be awarded a medal.  

Even if no medal is awarded, I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to exhibit these images at an RHS show.  

Update June 2021:  I have been advised that the exhibition will be held at a public art gallery in London but...

more details will follow when I know more...

Ref_ 2686
Ref_ 2951
Ref_ 2859
Ref_ 2961
Ref_ 3015
Ref_ 2820

Autumn at Rosemoor