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Quite simply - I love Dartmoor! 

We moved to Tavistock on the western edge of Dartmoor in 2015.  We moved from Berkshire and haven't regretted it one bit.  Since moving here I have spent many a happy hour exploring the moors and trying to learn more about it.  There's still much more for me to learn and many more places yet for me to discover, so I'm looking forward to our ongoing adventures. Even on a misty, grey day, Dartmoor is an amazing place to be.  I would highly recommend a visit to this National Park which has such a great variety of landscapes to enjoy including lovely bogs!  I'd recommend hardy shoes, a map and compass, a flask of tea and some snacks - especially when going off into the wilderness.  You could, just as easily take an easy riverside walk and have a pub lunch! Whatever you choose to do on Dartmoor always expect rain but I'm sure you'll have experiences to remember for a lifetime.

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