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Any of the images you see here are available to buy ! 

All images are available to buy as 12" x 8" white bordered prints on a black mount board in a black frame. Cost is £38.50 including shipping within the UK.  

12" x 8" prints are available on their own (no mount or frame) for £15 each including shipping within the UK.

To order, please quote the 'Ref' number and title.

Just :


If you saw an image you liked on the TV screen, then please contact me and I will send you a link to a Flickr album which shows these images.  Each image has a reference number, so just quote that if you wish to order.

Ref: 2421 Sheep on the Move
Ref: 9408 How Many Farmers..??
Ref: 9450 The Christening
Ref: 7627 The Watcher
Ref: 7614 Human Head Rest
Ref: 7584 Running Wild
Ref: 9190 Inner Sanctum
Ref: 7714 Nick
Ref: 7310 Ben
Ref: 7110 How Many Legs?
Ref:  7029 Leggett Action
Ref: 6606 Beauty & The Beast
Ref: 6006 Bill
Ref: 6228 Stable Lad
Ref: 6263 Feeling At Home
Ref: 5806 Leigh
Ref: 5772 Jerome
Ref: 5758 Rocket
Ref: 2605 Mother & Daughter
Re: 2296 Four Men & A Pony
Ref: 2231 Mike
Ref: 2566 Angus
Ref: 4815 Ed & Bill
Ref: 2385 Where's My Sheep?
Ref: 2503 Sheep Jam
Ref: 1365 Rusty
Ref: 2211 Look Away!
Ref: 1123 The Gatekeeper
Ref 7789 Farriers Lunch
Ref 2251 Kenny
Ref 6220 Jenny
Ref 1180 Synchronised Shearing
Ref 6660 Diane & Godson
Ref 6887 Mat
Ref 2839 Peter