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In January & February of 2019 we went on tour around Costa Rica.  

Knowing that I didn't and don't have the sort of equipment to take excellent wildlife photos, I decided to try to get a range of images depicting not just the animals and landscapes we saw, but the every day life in Costa Rican towns and cities.  

To this end, you will see a mix of images in this gallery including some which aren't particularly pretty.

Costa Rica was an interesting place to visit but I found it difficult to reconcile the fact that it's supposed to be this paradise, a place which promotes eco-tourism but really doesn't achieve this on either front.  I was astounded at the amount of poverty on display, the litter on nearly every street and in many beauty spots.  I also found it fairly environmentally unfriendly.  This said the national parks are many and I think there is a concerted effort to keep these in pristine condition for the tourists to see and for the wildlife but scratch the surface and it's a slightly different place.

The one overriding impression I had of Costa Rica was that it was colourful and I was also very surprised how much I enjoyed exploring the city of San Jose and the town of Quepos 

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