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Having worked at Virgin Atlantic for 20 years and with my husband having worked at Air Canada for around 5 years we were lucky enough to have plenty of opportunities to travel.  We've travelled to some fantastic places but I didn't take up photography until 2014 so missed the opportunity to take some 'proper' photos rather than the wonky, out of focus snap shots we ended up with!  It would be great to re-visit some of those places but even the snap shots bring back wonderful memories of our travels and now neither of us work for airlines, we can't really afford to whizz off around the world.  Also, since living in the South West of England, my desire for travel seems to have waned somewhat.  We live in such a wonderful part of the world with so many beautiful locations, that I tend to feel that we should be spending time exploring what's on our own doorstep.


This doesn't mean we won't ever travel abroad again but there's now many factors other than cost which make us think twice about flying around the world, the biggest consideration now is the environmental impact of travel. I love this planet we live on and I fear my impact as a tourist is not helping but I also understand that many countries rely on tourism for their survival and in fact, may help to fund conservation projects.  It's tough - a balance has to be found I feel and it will just make us more mindful of where we go, what we do and how we go about it.

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