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It has long been a desire of mine to visit this wonderful gem of a county.  Northumberland is one of the biggest but least populated counties in England.  It packs a real punch with regards to things to do.  It has amazing countryside to walk through, National Parks, miles and miles of golden, sandy beaches, castles galore, historic sites coming out of its ears, and pretty villages and towns to wander around. .  To say that a week is not enough is a massive understatement.  We tried to do a bit of everything without thinning the experience of being in such a wonderful place.   The open countryside lends itself to being a haven for wildlife, flora and fauna.  On my regular evening jaunts I would see deer, hares, rabbits, numerous bugs and insects and on one occasion I saw a barn owl flying in the field next to me - magical.  

Some of the images in the gallery will look very similar but they're slightly different, for example Duddo Stone Circle;  on the OS Map this is noted as Duddo Four Stones but actually five stones can be seen and it's thought that there would have been 6/7 stones originally.  So I've taken two photos:  one showing just four stones and another with five stones.  

I loved Northumberland and will definitely be back.

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